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Hindustan Times (All Editions)Covers - Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Patna, Pune
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Hindustan (Ranchi) + Hindustan Times (Patna)
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Hindustan Times (All Editions)Covers - Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Patna, Pune
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Hindustan (Ranchi) + Hindustan Times (Patna)
Spl. Offer: Book 5 Get 2 Free , Book 9 Get 5 Free , Book 12 Get 9 Free , Book 15 Get 15 Free
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Hindustan Times + Hindustan (Delhi+NCR)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Announcement ads in Hindustan Times can be booked under Classified Text & Classified Display format.

Classified Text ads in Hindustan Times are run on lines whereas Classified display ads appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns.

Hence it is recommended to book your ad two days prior to the release date to ensure a smooth booking process.

Follow these series of steps to book your Announcement ad in Hindustan Times

  • Begin your ad booking process by selecting the newspaper and category as & Announcement respectively.

  • Select your desired Ad Format.

  • The next important step is to select from a range of discounted package.

  • You will then be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ page wherein you need to select your preferred Sub Category and Preferences of your choice. Compose your ad by filling in specific requirements like physical traits, personal information & economic and family background you are looking for your prospective match in the ad content. Do not forget to mention your own educational & professional background along with the contact info while composing your ad. You can also upload your own designed ad matter in case of classified display.

  • To make your ad visually appealing you can choose Color, Background and Tick as enhancements to your ad.

  • Final step is to select the dates and make payments via Credit / Debit Card or Internet Banking to confirm your booking. Upon successful payment your will receive an invoice with all the details of the ad you have booked with us.

Announcement ads in Hindustan Times are always booked in Packages. You can choose a suitable package depending on the number of cities you want your ad to be published. Your cost will vary accordingly as per your selection of package and desired Ad Format.

Choose from the list of Announcement packages of Hindustan Times from the link here.

So visit the website to select the package of your choice and get your ad published in your desired cities.


Ideally the deadline for booking an ad is two days prior to the release date. Hence it is recommended that you book your ad beforehand for a smooth release. To know more about the deadline you can look at the calendar during the ad booking process.

Announcement ads in Hindustan Times are booked in packages. There are a lot of factors that decide the cost of ad booking in the Announcement section of . You will find the most economical rates designed specifically for the customers on our website. You can choose the package of your choice & avail discounted rates for your booking. To know more about exclusive offers and discounts click on the link here.

Announcement ad is one of the most popular forms of newspaper advertisements avalable.To gain wider coverage and reach, Hindustan Times is the best choice.  It is the Number 1 newspaper in the country with a whopping 1.5 million readership base.

Now to get relevant and positive responses from your Hindustan Times Announcement ad, it is important that your ad matter contains all the relevant details.

By following these easy steps you can easily compose your Announcement ad in Hindustan Times:

  • Use of Abbreviations- Use abbreviations to cut down the number of words to reduce the cost. 
  • Contact Details- Double check your contact details in the ad matter to ensure positive responses.
  • Sub Category- Fill in appropriate sub category carefully to get your ad published under specific headings.
  • Enhancement Option- Use enhancement options like color, background, tick to make your ad more engaging. Remember enhancement options comes with an extra cost. 

Prior booking- Kindly make sure to book your ad two days prior to the release date for a timely release of your ad.

Your ad is a Lost and Found ad, a subcategory of the Announcement Ads. Please visit the Hindustan Times Announcement Ad Rates page and select the relevant rates and editions for the same. Click on the Book Now option to proceed with the booking. You need to upload the documents in the Compose Ad step. For Lost and Found, usually the documents that are required are a Police FIR copy or copy of General Diary Entry or a Notarized affidavit also serves the purpose. For other booking queries please refer to the Online Booking Tutorial. You can call us on our telephonic number 09830629298 or e-mail us at questions@releasemyad.com or book@releasemyad.com.
In case of name change ads, the main category is Announcement while the sub-category is Change of Name. In order to know the rates for booking a name change ad in Hindustan Times, you can begin by visiting the Announcement Ad Rates Page of HT.  For the Hindustan, you need to take a look at the Hindustan Announcement Ad rates page. You may also find combo package of these two newspapers on  the rates page of each of them as they belong to the same media publication house. After you select the preferred package or edition for the two newspapers, you can proceed to the Compose Ad section and then create your own ad and you must choose the sub-category as "Change of Name " to ensure that the ad is published under the right section.  At the end, please specify the preferred release dates and then proceed to the payment options that include both online and offline payment options.  At the end of your Name Change Ad booking, you must send us the scanned copy of the Original Notarized Affidavit to documents@releasemyad.com as per the company policy and guidelines of the publications.
To help you with your booking in any newspaper, we have implemented a Newspaper Decider, where you can simply specify the category as Announcement for Name Change ads and location as Delhi to see all the newspapers that are circulated across the preferred location.  Here you can see the list of newspapers that are read across Delhi along with their circulation details, rates and packages based on the categories. But some of the top preferred newspapers for advertising in Delhi are Hindustan Times and Navbharat Times. You can book your ads in both these newspapers or else you can opt for any of the combo packages on the HT Announcement Ad Rates page and NT Announcement Ad Rates page. Please book your ads 2-3 days in advance to ensure that the ad is released on time. You can make the payment for your ad through the online or offline payment mediums available on our website.
The approval document which you need to submit for Lost and Found category is a scan copy of the F.I.R that is made against the thing which you have lost. Now, you can send the document in two ways: ·         While composing your ad there is an option to upload documents, here you can upload the F.I.R file. Or ·         You can mail the document at the following address: documents@releasemyad.com In order to upload the file in the Compose ad page you need to visit the Announcement category of Hindustan Times.  Here select your ad type and edition and then proceed to the Compose ad page about the same.
Usually, Name Change Announcements require you to produce the same ad in two different newspapers, one national and the other local or regional. A Name Change Ad is categorized under the Announcement section of all Indian newspapers. Therefore to find out the newspaper that best suits your Name Change Advertising requirements is to take a look at our Newspaper Decider. You can get all the details such as rates, packages and even circulation details of every newspaper circulated in your preferred region Delhi. In case you intend to directly book your ad, then you can opt for Hindustan Times and Navbharat Times as the 2 most suitable options for your name change announcement ad. You can get help for your ad matter from the Name Change Sample Ads page and while composing your ad, you must choose the sub-category as "Change of Name".  Please book your ad at least 2-3 days in advance to ensure that your ad is released on time.
Please know that for certain categories, respective supporting documents are necessary. To publish your ad in the Hindustan Times, you'll have to visit the HT Announcement Ad Rates page. Here you have to choose the preferred edition and proceed with composing and designing your advertisement with the help of Sample Ads and ad enhancements.  When you are done with composing your advertisement, you must confirm the release dates and clear the payment to complete the ad booking. Also know that you need to provide us with a Notarized Affidavit to testify the Change in your name, after you have completed the booking. You can email us at documents@releasemyad.com. 


Why place Announcement Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper ?

ReleaseMyAd being the largest online newspaper ad booking service of India has formulated a booking process that consists of only 3 simple steps:

  1. The first step comprises of basic selection of ad type as Classified Text (in this case) which proceeds to the selection of the category which would be Announcements in your case. We have provided a wide range of sub categories for your ad to reach out to the most relevant readers. These sub-categories include all announcements ranging from legal announcements like Change of Address or name to religious ceremonies like Christening/Namkaran & even Auctions and Fairs/Festivals.
  2. The second and the most interesting step in your newspaper ad booking process is the Composition of your ad because that’s what drives the reader response. You can compose your message or ad in the box and magnify the advert with the help of our enhancements like background colour, ticks or even underlining the ads and then see how it appears in the newspaper of your choice through our exclusive Live Preview Ad Feature.
  3. The third or the last page requires you to simply confirm your release dates and clear the payments through our online payment mediums like Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking (All Indian Banks) or our offline payment options such as Demand Drafts, Cheques and Cash collection from your doorstep.

The largest online newspaper Announcement Classified Display ad booking service of India has formulated a booking process that consists of only 3 simple steps:

  1. ReleaseMyAd enables you to make an easy selection of your ad type as Classified Display ads which concocts the first step of your ad booking procedure. This step also enables you to select your category and compose your ad accordingly and personalize it in your own way with our enhancements.
  2. Up next is the ‘Compose Ad’ page where you can design and decorate as well revise your ad as many times you want. You can take up one of our design templates (colored or black & white) preferably colored to grab more attention and modify it with a range of font styles, font sizes, colors and even images and logos.You can take a sneak peek of the ad composed by you with our distinctive Live Ad Preview Feature.
  3. Lastly, in order to receive an email confirmation consisting all your booking details, don’t forget to confirm your release dates and clear your payments via our online [Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking (All Indian Banks)] or offline (Cheque Deposits, Demand Drafts & Cash Collection) payment options.

Hindustan Times is circulated around the following locations :

Location Circulation Cost View Details
Edition: Delhi Ciculation: 840,464 copies Price: Rs.550 /5 Lines
Edition: Mumbai Ciculation: 658,350 copies Price: Rs.900 /5 Lines
Edition: Chandigarh Ciculation: 179,077 copies Price: Rs.625 /5 Lines
Edition: Pune Ciculation: 37,000 copies Price: Rs.500 /5 Lines
Edition: Lucknow Ciculation: 26,982 copies Price: Rs.500 /5 Lines
Edition: Patna Ciculation: 16,598 copies Price: Rs.400 /5 Lines
Edition: Jaipur Ciculation: 12,776 copies Price: Rs.250 /5 Lines

Booking Process

How To Compose Your Announcement Ad In Hindustan Times To Get Maximum Response ?

People use announcement ads to communicate news of an event or a piece of information that is a requirement by law, or to reach out to a large number of people at once where communicating individually may turn out to be too cumbersome a process. Here is why you should book announcement ads in newspapers:

  1. Fulfilment of Legal Obligations
    • For certain events or scenarios, an announcement ad in a newspaper is often a legal requirement so that the public is informed. Publishing announcement ads in newspapers helps to fulfil this legal requirement.
  2. Dissemination of Information
    • Announcement advertisements help to provide and circulate information and in turn spread awareness.
  3. Targeting a Niche Audience
    • Sometimes people would use announcement advertisements to get a message across to a smaller, specific audience.
  4. Reaches a Wide Audience
    • Announcement advertisements are highly effective in reaching out to a large audience. They make getting a message across to a large number of people easy and hassle-free.
  5. Wide Coverage of Newspapers
    • In India, newspapers are read by a large number of people in cities and villages across the length and breath of the country. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life.

Sample Ads For Hindustan Times Announcement :

Lost identity proof - LOST my (Lost Item/ Person) around (Location) on (Date/Time). If (Found/Seen) Please contact: 0000000000.
Sample 1: Name Change - I (Old Name) S/O (Father's Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place).
Sample 2: Name Change - I (your old name) S/O or D/O or W/O (fathers name or husbands name) R/O of (your home address) shall henceforth be known as (your new name) affidavit no (XXXXXX) sworn before notary (notary name) dated (date).
Land Deed Missing - This is to bring to your kind notice that, (Name), s/o (Name) Address: (Address), our Land Deed is Missing (from/since) (Date). If found kindly return to the above address.
Lost Certificate - I (Name) have lost my Original Pass Certificate of HS year (Year) Roll no. ABC/12345 Matric Board. If Found Please Contact: 0000000000.
Sample 3: Name Change - I, (Old Name) S/O (Father's Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place).

Ad Tips

Ad Composing Tips

  • If it is an announcement for lost items Mention the item and details related to which is lost you can also add location where you have lost your item.
  • If it is an announcement for change in your name then clearly mention old name and a new name in the ad matter.
  • If it is an announcement related to change in your address or DOB please mention the corrections done clearly.
  • For any declaration related ad you can also mention the affidavit no./ complaint id/ receipt no. within the ad text.
  • In the case of any event announcement please explain the details properly with the location of the event to receive a good response.
  • Mention proper address or phone no if required.