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Display ads are without doubt the most impactful form of newspaper advertising. These ads contain rich graphics and have visual details that stand out. Hindustan Times is a premier English language newspaper that is read by people across the length and breadth of India, and therefore the display advertisement prices are fixed accordingly. The actual cost of the recruitment display ad in HT will depend on the size of the ad, i.e. whether one wishes to book a full page ad, a half page ad or a quarter page ad, the respective city edition of Hindustan Times as well as other factors. For the most up to date ad rates for recruitment display ads in Hindustan Times, we recommend that you have a look at this page:

We live in a world where we need the help of other people. Business organisations are engaged in the activity of delivering goods and services in exchange for money. These goods and services are provided by people. Recruitment ads, therefore, help businesses find the best people for the jobs they perform. That being said, if you are seeking to hire manpower for your business enterprise, a recruitment ad in HT is a great place to start, as it is a newspaper that is read by a large number of people across the country. Display ads have the highest visual appeal because of their size, graphics and effects. Booking a recruitment display ad in Hindustan Times is highly recommended to make a recruitment drive more attractive for potential candidates to submit applications or appear for interviews.

Hello! It is very easy to book a recruitment display ad in Hindustan Times. All you need to do is follow these steps, and your ad will be booked within minutes:

  1. Go to     
  2. Select ‘recruitment’ from the list of ad categories.
  3. Select the respective city edition of Hindustan Times
  4. Select ‘Classified Display Ad’ from the choice of ad types.
  5. Select the discount package that best matches your requirements.
  6. Compose the ad matter for your classified ad and mention all specifications.
  7. Select the dates that you want your classified ad to run in Hindustan Times.
  8. Make the payment for your classified ad and receive the invoice for the same.

For more information on booking recruitment display ads in Hindustan Times, we do recommend that you have a look at the Hindustan Times page on our website.


When business organisations seek to hire people, they publish recruitment advertisements in Hindustan Times. Recruitment advertisements help employers find the right people for their work requirements as well as provide job seekers the scope to find work that matches their qualifications, skills and interests. These ads are beneficial to both organisations and job seekers as they help to bridge the gap between job seekers and prospective employers.

ReleaseMyAd has made booking classified ads really easy for its clientele. To book Classified Ads in Hindustan Times you will have to select Book Classified Ads once you reach our website.

The easy-to-navigate-site will then guide you to a page where you need to choose your category. This will depend upon your requirement and you may choose from a plethora of categories like matrimonial, recruitment, property, obituary etc. After you make your choice you just need to choose between Text Classifieds and Display Classifieds. Once you choose these, you will have to select your Hindustan Times editions according to where you want your ads to release.

At this stage you will get all your rates and special packages by releaseMyAd and you only need to select and click on the Book Now tab. The rest of the journey will comprise of composing the ad, selecting dates and making payments.

Alternatively, you can also talk to our Newspaper Advertising Team available at 09830629298 or write to us at for further queries.


Welcome to! You may start your Recruitment Classified Booking through the Hindustan Times Classifieds Booking page. In this section, you need to first specify the ad type under which you want to book the ad. According to your query, your ad type should be Text Classified. Once you select your ad type, it will ask you to fill in your state and city.        This will display you the rates for all newspapers that are available and also a list of discount packages under which you can book your ad.

For rates you might also visit the HT Recruitment Ad Rates and review your rates for all individual editions and discount packages that allow for multiple edition booking.  

Once you’re done selecting a suitable rate, please click on the BOOK NOW option and complete your booking.

To complete the booking procedure, you first have to compose and design your ad. To design and edit the ad matter, you’re free to use the sample online templates and the several ad enhancing tools like screen border, underline, ticks etc.

After composing the ad, please proceed to the next step where you have to select your dates for the ad to release and also clear all your payments through the different online and offline payment options that we provide on our website.

For more queries, you can call us on our number 09830629298 or you may also drop in your e-mails at or

The advertisement rates for all categories are the same for weekdays as well as weekends. Therefore if you want to book a Recruitment ad in Hindustan Times, the rates will remain the same for weekends as well as the weekdays.

To check the rates please visit the Hindustan Times Recruitment Ad Rates Page. The first step is to select your preferred location/edition and check the rates and discounts for the same. You can choose to book your ad for individual editions as well as for the Special HT Discount Packages. You can also visit the Releasemyad Rates and offer page. Here select your newspaper as Hindustan Times and ad category as Recruitment. Select the location of your choice and you can check the displayed list of rates and discounts.

To book recruitment ads only, you can also visit the releaseMyAd Recruitment Ad Booking website. On this website you can book all recruitment ads in any newspaper and edition of your choice. For sample ads, you can also refer to the Recruitment Sample Ads page.

The final steps are to compose or upload your ad online and then making the dates and payments selection. To ensure guaranteed booking confirmation, please make sure that you book the ad at least two-three days prior to the day you intend to release your ad.

You will receive a confirmation mail from our end once your ad is booked successfully and is set to release. 

Before composing an ad, you need to visit our Hindustan Times Ad Rates page. Specify an ad type for your category and choose the relevant edition in accordance to the rates and discount offers.

You can only compose your ad, after you have provided us with the above mentioned information. On the compose ad page, you can refer to our sample ads to get an idea of how to compose your ad. You can also visit the Releasemyad Recruitment Ad Page.

From this page you can view Sample Recruitment Ads for all leading newspapers. Specify the main category of your recruitment ad in this section and then select View Complete Ads.

If any of the sample ad cater to your requirement, then click the option Use this text to book your newspaper ad. Next select the category as Recruitment, the target location and then the newspaper as Hindustan Times to book your ad.

For any other query you can call us at our Helpline Number 09830629298 or can e-mail us at or

As an online newspaper ads booking agency, we intend to make the online booking as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we have incorporated a new Online Newspaper Ads Booking Tutorial to assist you with the process of booking of your advertisement. 

To start the booking of your recruitment advertisement in the Hindustan Times, you must click on the HT Recruitment Ad Rates page. Here you will find the ad rates for all the editions under the preferred newspaper. When you select the preferred package or the edition, you can create your ad in the Compose Ad section with the help of the sample ads and highlight your ad as well. 

To confirm the release of the ad, please confirm the release dates and clear the payment for the same through our online or offline payment options. Also ensure that the ad is booked 2-3 days in advance so that it can be released on the desired dates.

To know the ad rates and packages for advertising under the recruitment section of Hindustan Times, please visit the HT Recruitment Ad Rates page. Here you must choose the preferred edition as Delhi or pick any preferred package to proceed to the Compose Ad section.

Then you can simply create the ad, add highlighters like ticks, borders, colours etc and then confirm the booking by specifying the release dates and clearing the payment for the same through our online or offline payment options. Please book the ad at least 2-3 days before the preferred release dates so that the ad can be published on time.

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